Daniele Tamagni | Bio



aniele Tamagni is a freelance photographer from Italy. In 2007 he won the Canon Young Photographer Award with a project about the Congolese dandys, “Sapeurs of Brazzaville.” He published a book in 2009 titled, “Gentlemen of Bacongo.” The designer Paul Smith, who wrote the preface, found inspiration for his S/S 2010 collection, and in 2010, Tamagni won the ICP INFINITY AWARD in the fashion category. He then travelled to Bolivia for a project on women wrestlers, winning the World Press Photo in Arts & Entertainment category in 2011.
Between 2001 and 2013 Tamagni has continued to explore streetstyle trends and the aesthetic of transformation in different contexts with the aim to publish a book

“Tamagni is an art historian who digs into marginal street cultures, tries to link up with the drop outs, lost kids or poor guys, who look for identity and respect. and he finds them all over the world”
Els Van Der Plas 2012


“Tamagni’s background as an art historian has led him to delve into marginal street cultures and through his photography document and shed light upon invisible groups and communities around the world. Whilst he doesn’t only work in Africa, he is one of the few European artists who can be considered to be significant in the African contemporary scene because his work is so respectful of its subjects and so cutting edge in its content.”
Ed Cross 2013



Global Style Battles

surf “Global Style Battles” that will include all these projects.
Meanhwile he alternated his personal work with commercial and editorial assignments. He took pictures of Solange Knowles for his video Losing You inspired to his book Gentlemen of Bacongo in 2012 and recently he shot the cover for Rolling Stones SA of singer Nakhane Toure.
He published books for corporate and foundations :“ Kami la missione dell’energia” for TERNA and COOPI 2010 ; “ Passage to Rajasthan” for ONE SIGHT Luxottica foundation 2012; an ongoing project for Ecopneus 2014