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“Inspired by master photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson, Tamagni’s iconic photographs are a mixture of the staged and the candid, all depending on what occurs within a specific moment”

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- London Calling

“Tamagni’s work is fabulous and whilst he doesn’t only work in Africa he is one of the few European artists who can be considered to be significant in the African contemporary scene in that his work is so respectful of its subjects and so cutting edge in its content. “

- Ed Cross curator and African art collectioner

“This smart combination of Italian photojournalist Daniele Tamagni’s images of dapper Congolese men and a supporting exhibit of color-driven African photography (loosely defined) gets my vote for the best summer group show of photography in New York this year. In contrast to the mind numbing boredom of the typical gathering of the gallery stable, this show introduces a memorable body of work and surrounds it with a relevant sampler of related pictures. It’s fresh, brash, and lively, with a snappy sense of style”

Dkl collection blogspot refered to Africolor exhibition at Danziger projects gallery New York.

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I love these images. I’m fascinated by how, even in the most impoverished societies amazing fashion subcultures still arise….

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- Twentysplenty

“Tamagni is an art historian who digs into marginal street cultures, tries to link up with the drop outs, lost kids or poor guys, who look for identity and respect. and he finds them all over the world”

- Els Van Der Plas 2012

A talented photographer in his own right, Daniele Tamagni has produced some stunning photographic work portraying not only contemporary African culture, but also his own unique photographic eye on Diaspora Africa in London.

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- Shaheera Asante