3rd EDITION 2024-2025

The third edition of the Daniele Tamagni Grant, organised by the Daniele Tamagni Foundation in partnership with The Market Photo Workshop and Africa Foto Fair, is open for entries until August 20th.

The Daniele Tamagni Grant brings together material and intellectual resources to address the creation of a long term value programme focused on photography, photojournalism and education. The Grant is addressed to emerging photographers whose work engages with the African continent or its diaspora, without restrictions in terms of the applicant’s nationality.


The winner of the open call will receive a one years scholarship to attend the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme (PDP) at The Market Photo Workshop, in Johannesburg ZA, from end January 2025 to early December 2025 and a monthly stipend to support local living expenses. This year, thanks to the new partnership with Africa Foto Fair, the winner will also have the chance to showcase the body of work developed during the scholarship at Africa Foto Fair 2025 (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire).


Submissions will be reviewed based on the documentary and/or narrative skills of the applicant, and the authenticity, storyline, originality and overall quality of their presented portfolio. All entries will be reviewed fairly by an International Jury Panel, that will autonomously select one eligible winner. Find the detailed jury information in the Grant’s presentation PDF at the end of the page.


Applicants must upload max. 25 images, jpeg, 3000px long edge, a project statement and their biography through the application process on Picter platform.

Before you apply, please read carefully all the in depth information about the grant, contained in this pdf.


You can download the full press link at this link.