“In choosing countries and cities far outside the usual context of fashion, I not only wanted to offer an overview of the phenomenon of globalised style, but also record the resistance to and preservation of traditions” – Daniele Tamagni

Daniele Tamagni
Style Is Life
09.02.2024 – 1.04.2024

Curated by
Aïda Muluneh and Chiara Bardelli Nonino

Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine
Via Sant’Andrea 6, Milan

First retrospective of the milanese photographer Daniele Tamagni (1975-2017), the exhibition Style is Life, curated by Aïda Muluneh and Chiara Bardelli Nonino at Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine, encompasses seven years of the artist’s production, birging to his hometown the largest collection of his works to date. Recipient of the Canon Young Photographer Award in 2007, of the ICP Infinity Award in 2010 and of the World Press Photo Award in 2011, Tamagni was a photographer of international importance who harnessed his vast knowledge of art and his passion for fashion and subcultures to celebrate social evolutions and their expression through the fashion choices of new generations in Africa and Latin America, celebrating the emergence of new local identities in the context of an increasingly globalised and interconnected world.

Round Table Conversation

14.03.2024 – 18.00 H.


Angelo Ferracuti / writer and reporter

Ingrid Tamborin / African fashion advisor

Chiara Bardelli Nonino / curator and editor

Jean-Léonard Touadi / journalist, writer and international relations expert

Alessia Glaviano / head of Global Photo Vogue


Moderated by

Marco Trovato / editorial director of Africa magazine


On Thursday 14 March, 6 p.m. in the museum’s conference room, there will be a round table discussion on the work and life of Daniele Tamagni, starting with the book published by the German publisher Kehrer Verlag.

Come join us to listen to many in-depth discussion topics related to the photographer, from his vision of fashion as identity and social redemption in the ‘peripheries’ of the world, to the impact of Daniele’s images in the world of fashion and beyond, to the precious human and professional legacy he left behind.

Free entrance by reservation (subject to availability)

«Daniele undertook a mission to show that Africa is diverse, housing many untold stories. In my perspective, art revolves around conveying our personal truths. He deliberately focused on individuals at society’s edges, those challenging norms, prioritising self affirmation over societal endorsement — trailblazers of their unique journeys. To me, he selected narratives closely aligned with his own heart and life journey», co-curator Aïda Muluneh.

The exhibition features 90 photographs, some of which have never been published before, which, thanks to the skillful direction of the curators, provide an overview of his most important works: the congolese sapeurs, Botswana’s afrometal scene, the Dakar fashion week, bolivian female wrestlers and Johannesburg’s dance crews.

«Daniele was attracted to fashion from the start, but in a way that the brands and fashion scene of the time were not ready for. He wanted to understand and photograph style, that moment when taste goes from being radically personal to being a gesture and, if you like, a message intended for others. For this reason, his research came first and foremost from people. Daniele wanted to get to know his subjects, to weave friendships, to find out why they dressed in a certain way, what they wanted to say and to whom» co-curator Chiara Bardelli Nonino

image courtesy Stefano Gusmeroli

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