“what a privilege to write a few words for this great book.”
Paul Smith, from his preface of gentlemen of bacongo.

”…we were deeply impacted by the work of Daniele, Gentleman of Bakongo. He helped shine a light on the style of sub cultures that have cropped up in forgotten places. tamagni work has helped lead to an explosion of creativity in fashion and the development of the industry. His photographs disrupt the fashion order by showing a different point of view of subcultures, spotlighting their fashion styles and the untamed creativity that is borne out of adversity. The Sapeurs of Congo, the Cholitas have beat the odds to be creative. They are fashion tribes that transcend with creativity, and tamagni has helped the world acknowledge them.”
Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah.

“Looking good, being cool or making a statement, ( or a combination of the three) and the search for respect and identity are elements shared by people” …who Daniele… “captured in all the glory and misery of their daily public lives” …conveying their intrinsic beauty… “Dressing up and looking fine is not an end in itself. Street life is always framed within a social context that in part dictates how people display themselves.”
Els van der Platten.

Abstract from the Foreword and the Introduction of Daniele’s book Fashion Tribes published by Abrams (2015).

“This smart combination of Italian photojournalist Daniele Tamagni’s images of dapper Congolese men and a supporting exhibit of color-driven African photography (loosely defined) gets my vote for the best summer group show of photography in New York this year. In contrast to the mind numbing boredom of the typical gathering of the gallery stable, this show introduces a memorable body of work and surrounds it with a relevant sampler of related pictures. It’s fresh, brash, and lively, with a snappy sense of style.”
By Loring Knoblauch / In Galleries / New York City October 13, 2011.