A passage to Rajasthan

for OneSight Luxottica

Since 1988, OneSight has partnered with local health organizations, governments, school districts, industry leaders, doctors and volunteers to help more than 9 million people in 46 countries. As OneSight’s founding global sponsor, Luxottica provides annual operating support, frames and the engagement of approximately 23,000 doctors and employees. This specialized expertise has allowed OneSight to create sustainable and charitable access to quality vision care and eyewear to build solutions to help the world see.

“The Marwar region is one of the most populated deserts in the world. Water is scarce and so are the basic services of healthcare and education. Most people are farmers and sell pottery or embroidery to make a living for their families OneSight clinics in the region have been taking place since 2009. Every year it runs three clinics covering 6 villages. The local partner Jal Bhagirathi Foundation has the mission to enable the villages to access drinking water; the partnership with OneSight brings access to the villages and trust of the people. Patients after the care “have been able to earn a better salary, get proper education, earn respect from their neighbors. That’s what all is about: impacting people’s life forever, giving them another chance through a simple pair of glasses”.


Excerpts from the book “A passage to Rajasthan” published by Luxottica Group 2012.