2nd EDITION 2021-2022

The winners of the second edition of the Daniele Tamagni Grant are Meseret Argaw (Ethiopia) and Fawaz Oyedeji (Nigeria). For the first time, the prize has been allocated to two mertiful photographers instead of one.


Meseret Argaw is an Ethiopian Documentary and Conceptual photographer. Since 2015 she has started to create various projects focusing on identity, culture, religion, migration, and environmental issues. Throughout her career, she participated in various workshops including the Canon Student Development Programme, New York Times portfolio review, Addis Foto Fest (AFF) international workshop and UNESCO journalism workshop. She has exhibited her works in Africa, Europe, and United States of America in various group exhibitions such as Reframing Neglect at Cromwell Place in London and at The Africa Centre in New York, and in the “Africa collection” at Africa Foto fair at Musée des Cultures Contemporaines Adama TOUNGARA (MuCAT) in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.



The artist states: “Until I embarked on this journey, I didn’t know how much I was affected by it. How deep I have swum under it and surrendered without a fight. I voluntarily let the memory consume me through the years. But I finally found the courage to face it; with the intention I might close the door it left opened for the unknown. I was abducted twice when I was four years old. Each time I was found by people who either knew me or my family. I understood the endless possibilities if the unknown had had become my reality. But I also needed to face my current self and figure how it relates to the women I wanted to portray.

I started this project to make peace with a memory that keeps reminding itself to me without any warning when I am usually at my lowest. I would not have had the courage to face it if photography had not been available. Even though I began the project believing that I was fighting my own battle, I soon realized that through my story, I was also telling the story of women who walk the path I could have taken every day.”


Fawaz Oyedeji is a photojournalist and historian based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work centers on capturing the intricacies of political consciousness within African social groups. He is driven by a strong commitment to documenting daily life, including the seemingly ordinary, as a means of fostering a deeper awareness of our present moment and providing a valuable historical record for future generations. He holds a Diploma in Mass Communication from Yaba College of Technology and a B.A.E. degree in History Education from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He also completed a Photojournalism and Documentary course at the Market Photo Workshop in South Africa.



‘Yours In Arms’ highlights how surrounding circumstances have shaped the day-to-day struggles and resilience of students preserving the history of a civilian-run infantry in Nigeria.

The establishment of paramilitary in institutions dates back to the Nigerian Second Republic [1976] under a militia regime headed by General Olusegun Obasanjo as a prospect to coax more educated fellows into the armed forces, soldiers would regularly come to inculcate military training in drills and parades, self-defense, physical fitness, first aid, citizenship, and leadership. Culturally, since its establishment, the program has been responsible for breeding a relative number of civilian youths dispersed throughout the nation, attached to a grass-rooted political scheme like this. In modern times, the degree of pressure from being both CADET and STUDENT is considered an exhausting task. At Yaba College Of Technology alone, out of over 16,000 student enrolment, statistics show that approximately only 0.2% of this population usually makes the brave decision and chose to combine this extracurricular activity with school work and personal life.

You can download the press release with additional information about the Second Edition of the Daniele Tamagni Grant at this link.