The Daniele Tamagni Foundation has been established with two main aims:

  • to preserve, value and promote the memory and the artistic legacy of Daniele Tamagni
  • to encourage the development of young, talented photographers who are able to contribute to social, cultural and political change through their creativity, freedom of expression, and close identification with the social milieu in which they live.

Established in 2019, the Daniele Tamagni Grant promotes and sustains artists who explore the African identity and engage with the African continent or its diaspora. The two editions of the grant awarded 3 scholarships for the enrolment to the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Program at the Market Photo Workshop school in Johannesburg and a one-year stipend to develop a new body of work.


Since 2021, we have been working for the creation of a publicly accessible digital archive which collects all of Daniele Tamagni’s work, both published and unpublished. The archive will be an important resource for researchers, writers and curators to browse through the entirety of his collection, and will provide additional information on the artworks, the contexts of their making and the backgrounds of some of its most notable characters.


We intend to promote Daniele Tamagni’s artistic legacy through:

  • The promotion of scholarships and grants  with national and international partners to support young talents in line with the mission of the Foundation
  • The design and delivery of exhibitions and publications, in collaboration with national and international cultural institutions
  • Acquisitions and donations to permanent collections in museums and other institutions
  • The establishment of a publicly accessible archive, collecting his digital, printed and film material, both published and unpublished
  • The generation of funds to finance the initiatives of the Foundation