MTINDO is the Swahili word for style. It can also mean the way one moves or the way one projects themselves. The book highlights how the creative minds of Africa are embracing and acknowledging the continent’s advancement with style. Africa is rising. I have chosen the ten personalities featured in the book from the country of my birth, Kenya, as a representative sample of the creative young generation who are eager to bring change and make a difference to rebrand Africa’s future.

The advancement of technology and social media platforms in Kenya has created a conducive environment for these Style Movers to thrive in their chosen fields.

My ambition is to use my experience and knowledge to promote this mission and to call it “Rebranding Africa” which has always been my aim. The truth is that through fashion and art you can actually open  minds and ultimately change them positively. I believe in what we are doing, and that we are making it possible to show the other side of the coin; rediscovering Africa and getting people curious of why Africa is the future.

We are just doing a small part with this by being part of the global political movement of changing minds. 

 Preface of Waridi Schrobsdorff, founder of FA254 and ambassador of charity projects to promote the development of fashion industries in Africa, Excerpts from Mtindo book published  by Skira 2016. Photographs courtesy of Waridi Schrobsdorff.